Granular & powdery zinc oxide for medicine(indirect method)
Compares with the similar product, the product has the following characteristics:
1. High purity, little harmful substance, can well to the pharmacological action.
2. Small particle size, is advantageous for the use, used for manufacturing medicine.
3. Other elements' content is small: Specially heavy metal and the arsenic content, such as the lead, cadmium, mercury, etc are extremely few, reduced the adverse drug reaction greatly.
4. Zinc oxide and its derivative can improve each kind of bond's caking intensity, coagulation time, thermostability, fire(water) protection, storing life, wet coherency and so on performances.
Item Index Item Index
Alkalinity Qualified Lead salt Qualified
Loss on ignition,%< 1 Arsenic salt,%< 0.0002
Carbonate and acid insoluble Qualified Zinc oxide content,%> 99.0
Ferric salt,%< 0.005    
Physical Chemical Data
Relative density[43.3] 5.475067
fnp[43.3] 1720
Boiling point(sublime) 1800
Refractive index 2.0041
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