Granular & powdery zinc oxide for feedstuff (indirect method)
1. Compares with the zinc sources, the zinc oxide's unit cost is obviously lower, it can reduce the feed additive cost, the level of addition is equivalent to 44% of monohydrate zinc sulphate and 28% of heptahydrate zinc sulphate.
2. Zinc oxide is the dry powdery zinc source: has good stability in feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate and denature, convenient for feed processing and standing storage, little effect to the vitamin in feed.
3. If use the zinc oxide as the zinc source, is more easier to be absorbed by animals than other zinc sources, has better zinc complementary effect. Granular zinc oxide can increase its fluidity, reduce dust, convenient for mechanization charging, improve operational environment and enhance the production. We can supply granular zinc oxide of all different grades.
Item Index Item Index
Zinc oxide(dry product),%> 98 Arsenic(As),%< 0.5
Plumbum(PbO),%< 0.0030 Average particle size(250mesh residue on sieve),%< 5%
Cadmium(Cd),%< 0.0010    
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