zinc oxide for electronic(indirect method)
1, the particle size is small and even: it is convenient to fuse fully in the use process with other ingredient, which may reduce the electronic component physics parameter greatly the deviation.
2, high purity and convenient operation, which enhance the quality goods rate.
3, other element content are little: it affects slightly to the electronic component.
Item Index Item Index
Zinc oxide(dry product),%> 99.70 Moisture,%< 0.3
Potassium oxide(K),%< 0.0010 Hydrochloric acid insolubles,%< 0.006
Sodium oxide(Ne),%< 0.0010 Loss on ignition,%< 0.2
Ferric oxide(Fe),%< 0.0020 PH 7.0-7.8
Cadmium oxide(Cd),%< 0.0050 Mean diameter,,um< 0.5
Lead oxide(Pb),%< 0.035 Residue on sieve(45um),%< 0.10
Copper oxide(Cn),%< 0.0002 Appearance White powder
Metallic zinc(Zn),% none    
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