Granlular power znic oxide for grass bulb( indirect method )
1.To add zinc oxide component in different types of glass can have a glass of a particular nature, such as photosensitive glass and ceramics with photosensitive zinc oxide instead of 5 percent of silica, which can significantly reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion, increased light The sensitivity and the density of nearly 20-fold. In the optical glass added ingredients zinc oxide, a high refractive index glass can absorb ultraviolet light and transmission performance. Zinc oxide give the glass a series of electrical and electrical semiconductor nature, so that it can apply to printed circuit, capacitors, resistors and conductivity of products.
2.zinc oxide in the crafts or meal containers of transparent glaze and thick rough of the translucent ceramic glaze earlier in an application.
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Zinc oxide(dry product)%> 99.70 Sulfuric acid substances(SO)< 0.003
Cadmium(Cd),%< 0.015 Hydrochloric acid insolubles,%< 0.10
Plumbum(Pb),%< 0.005 Moisture,%< 0.3
Ferro(Fe),%< 0.001    
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